Larry Schmitz founded the company in 2004. Terminalift, LLC owns and operates specialized cargo-handling equipment at the Port of San Diego for foreign and domestic businesses. Mr. Schmitz’s extensive background in freight transportation gave him insight into the needs of importers and exporters. It was from this perspective that Terminalift™ was born. In collaboration with his transport company Discount Heavy Haul Inc., he has been able to provide dedicated customer support and a broad range of services to strengthen the customers’ supply chain.

Terminalift™ quickly became an innovative leader in freight forwarding and affiliated transportation services. As the shipping industry has grown, so has our coverage and service offerings. We have continued driving innovation by leveraging new technologies and reducing carbon emissions. As a result, we introduced the industry’s first fully electric reach stacker into our fleet.

Today our clients range from small startups to Fortune 100 organizations. We continue to approach every shipment with the same customer-driven focus, assisting clients in achieving a seamless supply chain.

Terminalift™ currently manages a full matrix of logistics services, but we are branching out and assisting clients with their zero-emission goals by offering fully electric heavy-duty equipment and e-mobility and hydrogen conversion kits to install into any outdated diesel equipment. You too can join the Terminalift™ family as we work together to build a future of reduced carbon imprint.