TL Electric Crawler Excavator

TL Electric Crawler Excavator

$269,000 (USD)


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  • Zero emission, zero pollution, low noise.

  • Low use cost. The electricity consumption cost of pure electric construction machinery is about 30% of the fuel cost of traditional construction machinery.

  • Low maintenance cost. No need for regular maintenance for the diesel engine, such as replacing the engine oil and three filters, etc.

  • High battery safety, no risk of spontaneous combustion / deflagration.

  • The lifespan of the battery is more than 8-year. The recycle lifespan of lithium iron phosphate battery under 1C is more than 4000 times.

  • Optimized energy management, excellent energy utilization efficiency and endurance, together with high-volume lithium iron phosphate battery, 7 to 9 working hours after full-charging can be guaranteed with large capacity lithium battery.

  • Independently developed special load sensing control system with variable speed, large closed-loop feedback of hydraulic parameters, torque prediction and direct control of torque, global power matching, on-demand oil supply, reducing throttling and overflow loss.

  • Multi-motor coordinated control, reasonable matching of motor load, optimized energy management, efficient operation; time-sharing, automatic idle stop, reducing energy consumption of the motor and pump at idle.

  • 540V high voltage solution, reducing electric current; high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, intelligent door drive variable speed control, low heat generation, 20% energy saved than asynchronous motor.

  • Compound energy storage of lithium battery and hydraulic accumulator to ensure instantaneous power and endurance requirements of the energy storage unit in the same time.